Terms of Service & Warranty Information

These terms apply to any order made via our website, as well as custom invoices for products or services not shown on the website.


Most premade products and parts ship within 2 days of order confirmation. Some products and kits (such as fog light kits using our custom brackets) are assembled to order and may five or more days to ship. All custom (hand-built) lights are subject to placement on our build wait-list, regardless of vehicle type or complexity of order. You can view additional details on our wait-list process here. Shipping speed and courier selected at checkout only applies to the delivery of the item and does not affect the assembly or build time of any product. If you require an expedited delivery date or prefer a specific shipping method, please contact us. Most products generally spend 5-7 business days in transit for domestic US packages - transit times may be longer for international orders. Once your order has been shipped and tracking information provided by the courier, we are unable to control shipment progress or make changes to your order. For international shipments please refer to your tracking details for courier information and estimated delivery dates. International import tariffs or fees are not included in our pricing and are the sole responsibility of the recipient.


Due to policy changes by our payment processors, as of 4/11/2023 all returns or order cancellations will be subject to a 10% return fee from the original purchase price, regardless of the nature of the return or reason for cancellation.

Commissioning a product purchase or custom build, whether via direct checkout through the website, or custom invoice via another method, requires that you promptly fulfill all outstanding balances at a reasonable speed once you are notified. Foxbeam requires payment for all of a given project or product's price purchased through our website to be paid in full before work will begin (or before order shipment, in the case of premade products). Failure to complete payment, or issuing a chargeback claim through your bank or the payment processor for any reason, will halt any work currently in progress for your order and subject it to immediate cancellation. Due to the unique nature of the custom builds Foxbeam offers, and the nature of the work and manufacturing required to produce such products, down payments or deposits for custom builds not available for direct order through our website are not refundable.

Foxbeam will never discriminate to a client based on race, gender identity, age, religious belief, political association, or any other personal measure of identity. However, Foxbeam reserves the right to refuse service or cancel a custom build/product order without reason or advance notice. Should your build be canceled due to overbooking, parts unavailability, local emergency, or other reasons by Foxbeam directly, you will receive a full refund of any payments made toward your build, minus payment processor fees, and will not be held liable for the cost of associated labor and parts. Should you as the client decide to cancel your build at any time, for any reason, Foxbeam holds sole discretion in determining the value, if any, of a refund. Waitlist deposits are not eligible for refund once your parts have been ordered, regardless of whether you are still on the wait list.


Due to policy changes by our payment processors, as of 4/11/2023 all returns or order cancellations will be subject to a 10% return fee from the original purchase price, regardless of the nature of the return or reason for cancellation.

Returns are accepted up to 30 days from the date of delivery on non-custom products and kits, and the items must be returned in the original, complete packaging. The buyer is responsible for any shipping costs associated with the return. In the event an item is returned in resalable condition in it's original unopened packaging, or was DOA and not subject to other warranty procedures, you will receive a full refund minus any expedited or international shipping fees originally charged to your order. If the item is not in resalable condition, or has been modified, the amount of your refund, if any, is subject to determination by Foxbeam.

We do not under any circumstance accept returns on customized products due to their unique design and the irreversible labor time required to manufacture them. If your custom item has been damaged in shipping, please notify us so we can contact the courier immediately to file an insurance damages claim. We include shipping insurance for the complete sale value of any custom build. If you are providing your own headlights, it is your responsibility to package them in the original box or a sufficiently strong replacement box with appropriate filling material to keep the headlights safe in transit both ways. If damage or malfunction occurs outside of shipping, contact Foxbeam regarding warranty procedures as described below to determine the next steps.


Non-custom products: Most non-custom parts and products available for purchase through our website or direct invoice, including, but not limited to, DIY parts, adapter harnesses and wiring components, light fixtures, assemblies, or bulbs, brackets and installation kits, and other parts manufactured by Foxbeam or by a third party and sold by Foxbeam, are covered by individual warranty policies.

Each policy varies by manufacturer (e.g. Foxbeam, Diode Dynamics, Morimoto) and often also varies by the product line within that manufacturer. If you experience a problem with a Foxbeam product, or a third party product sold by Foxbeam, please contact us to determine the warranty period and coverage of your specific product. Foxbeam holds responsibility for communicating and fulfilling warranty requests between the customer and third party manufacturers, but is unable to directly approve or authorize warranty replacement without said manufacturer's involvement. Most Foxbeam-made material products, such as acrylics, metal projector brackets, and wire harnesses, are sold on an as-is basis and are only covered in the event they are damaged or nonfunctional on delivery. In this case, replacement or return under our 30 day policy is available.

Custom builds: If there is a problem or defect with any part of a custom built product during or after installation, directly due to improper Foxbeam workmanship within 1 year of the original delivery date, we will send new components or have you return the product to us for repair, based on the type of product and nature of the damage. If a component of a custom build fails within that component's limited warranty period for any other reason outside of Foxbeam workmanship, Foxbeam will assess whether a free replacement can be sent that the customer can replace on their own. If the failed component is not externally replaceable by the customer, the customer may return the product and we will replace the part at 50% standard labor rate and no part charge. In either case, the customer is responsible for the cost of shipping any product(s) to us for service and return shipping to them will be covered. If a failure occurs and the products are completely outside of any applicable warranty periods, should the customer wish to send the product back to Foxbeam for repair the customer will be responsible for parts and labor cost as well as applicable shipping costs for each direction of transit. Most components used in our custom builds carry a 3 year warranty, though some carry up to a five year warranty and some only one or two years. If you are having a problem with a specific part of a custom build, please contact us to determine that particular part's warranty period and terms.
In the event your vehicle is damaged outside of the warranty terms, should your insurance carrier choose to repair your vehicle and your coverage allows it, we will repair or reinstall equipment up to the value provided to us by your insurance carrier. If you or a 3rd party attempt to disassemble or modify any components originally installed by Foxbeam, all warranties are void and Foxbeam is not obligated to offer discounted or free warranty coverage or service for any damaged components.

Warranty exceptions include:
Damage of any type due to improper installation or operation. We recommend professional installation and wiring for all products purchased from Foxbeam.

Vehicle damage through negligence, attack, theft, collision, or other scenarios in which Foxbeam parts or products sustain damage of any amount (scratches, cracks, failed components, missing parts, etc.). It is your responsibility to ensure your vehicle's insurance coverage includes coverage of aftermarket modifications, up to the amount billed to you by Foxbeam, if you wish the components to be repaired or replaced.

Any attempt made by the customer or a third party to modify, upgrade, repair, or disassemble any part of Foxbeam parts or products, including modules or components manufactured by third parties.


By purchasing any product or build through Foxbeam, you agree that you are willingly requesting service or products from Foxbeam, and understand and agree that any damage, injury, or cost to you or your vehicle is taken under your own risk. Foxbeam takes allreasonable precautions and methodologies  through its employees, equipment, product design, and administration, to provide safe and functional products for your vehicle, but is not legally responsible if damage or injury occurs through improper use, transport, installation, or modification of its products, including malfunction of unrelated vehicle systems, or damage due to worn, missing, or improperly installed vehicle parts not provided by Foxbeam. Installation of some products may require part of the original vehicle to be modified irreversibly (e.g. drilling holes for mounting bolts or cable passthrough), and Foxbeam has the right to make those changes during installation without confirmation. Should the customer or a third party make these modifications during self installation, it is in their sole responsibility to carry them out safely and without damage to unrelated systems.

In any case where damages result to you or your vehicle through no direct fault of Foxbeam service or workmanship, or you are unsatisfied with Foxbeam service for any reason, and attempt to carry out legal action rather than attempting to contact Foxbeam and peacefully arbitrate a solution, you will not hold Foxbeam responsible for legal fees, attorney's fees, insurance costs, or other compensation of any kind.

Not all types, colors, patterns, and functions of custom lighting are legal on the road. Foxbeam will strive to caution you of this before a project begins, and endeavors to create products that conform to a majority of lighting regulations; however, Foxbeam will always allow the client to have the final say in customization. You are required to research and understand your locality's law about aftermarket lighting and equipment. Foxbeam is not responsible in any way for fees, punitive actions, damages, or other consequences of utilizing aftermarket lighting on public property in an illegal manner. In the event that your lighting is not legally compliant, you agree to use it only in law-abiding, private situations or where permitted. Most, if not all, lighting capable of changing color will be provided and assembled with a separate controlling switch or remote for this purpose.


In the course of preparing, installing, and completing any given vehicle project, at Foxbeam's discretion your vehicle may be considered for use in promotional photographs or video. Foxbeam's reserves the right to use digital photography and video to capture parts of your vehicle for promotional use. Examples include, but are not limited to, before and after photographs of parts or the whole of the project vehicle, video recordings of modified systems for compilation into a 'showcase' video or promotional teaser, use of photographs and video of your vehicle on the Foxbeam website and affiliated social media, and use of photographs of completed projects, in part or in whole, for advertising purposes. The same applies to any photo or video submitted by the customer or publicly shared to online platforms. Should you wish to keep your vehicle private or have concerns about the way imagery of your project will be used, please contact us directly.