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2007-2008 Honda Fit Switchback Front Turn Signal Conversion

2007-2008 Honda Fit Switchback Front Turn Signal Conversion

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Modernize the front end of your GD3 Honda Fit with switchback turn signals! Bone stock, the front turn signals only light up when your turn signals are flashing - they don't have a 'dim' filament for running with your corner lights and taillights. Some switch to white LED bulbs for an all-white front end, but then you get white turn signals and hyperflash - not to mention they still don't stay on all the time!

Now with our adapter harnesses, you can swap in a dual filament socket for your headlight turn signals and run any dual-filament bulb you want - halogen or LED, yellow or dual-color! Now you can have a solid light where your turn signal is that always stays on with your headlights, without sacrificing a bright amber turn signal alongside.

Installation is fully plug and play with OEM wiring, no splicing or fuse taps required. Trimming of one lock tab on socket may be required for proper fitment/seal.

Kit includes:

1 pair of adapter harnesses (left + right)

2x dual-filament front turn signal sockets (7443 bulbs not included)

2x anti-hyperflash resistors for LEDs (optional)

This product is made to order. Lead time to shipment: 2-3 weeks.

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