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2000-2004 Subaru Legacy/Outback Retrofit Headlights

2000-2004 Subaru Legacy/Outback Retrofit Headlights

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Even the oldest and most reliable of daily drivers can benefit from retrofitted headlights! Bring new life and a huge performance increase to your Outback, Legacy, or Baja of the same body style with our LED retrofit headlights. Wire adapters included for vehicles originally equipped with H4 or dual beam headlights.

Purchasing this build includes a new pair of DEPO headlights in chrome or black, along with any add-ons you select. Side reflector is left amber.

The FXH-1 is a 2.5" midrange bi-LED projector that provides a great brightness boost to both your low beams and high beams. The MLED 2.0 upgrade is a high end 3" LED projector replacement that will net you the most brightness and definition in your low and high beams.

Specialty Halos: Please leave a note during checkout to specify which type of halo you would like in your build.

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