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2012-2014 CR-V Facelift Headlight Adapters

2012-2014 CR-V Facelift Headlight Adapters

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If you plan to front end swap your 2012-2014 CR-V with the updated look and function of the 15-16 CR-Vs, these harnesses are exactly what you need to make the process plug-and-play.​

Purchase includes 1 kit:

Morimoto HD Relay Harness (low + high beam, both sides)

2x Turn Signal Adapters

2x DRL/Running Light/Sidemarker Adapters w/ DRL Fuse Tap

This product is for a complete set of harnesses only - you must source your own headlights, headlight brackets, and grille. Compatible with either reflector or projector type headlights WITH LED ONLY. Not compatible w/ 15-16 halogen headlights w/o LED lights (LX trim).

The turn signal harnesses connect directly between the old and new sockets. The Morimoto H4 Motocontrol harness perfectly transfers OEM low and high beam functions from the original dual-beam bulbs to the separated low and high beam of the facelifted headlights. Unlike DIY "harnesses" which simply splice 9006 connectors onto the H4 plug, the Motocontrol harness allows the low beams to stay on when the high beams are activated! Additionally, if you would like to run an aftermarket HID/LED setup or retrofitted headlights, the Motocontrol harness is all you need to support the ballasts and functions of the new lights.

The parking light harness connects between the old sidemarker socket and the new 3-pin connector for the LED C bar. To transfer the DRL function, remove fuse #21 (7.5A) from the interior fuse box in the driver's side footwell. Replace the fuse with our fuse tap harness and push the spade end of the harness through the firewall grommet. Connect each AMP output plug to the DRL wire on the harnesses. If you do not connect this harness, the outer C bar will illuminate with your parking lights/low beams only.

This product is made to order. Lead time to shipment: 2-3 weeks.

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