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2014-2018 Forester Spyder LED Custom Headlights

2014-2018 Forester Spyder LED Custom Headlights

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The Spyder headlights are a great style choice for your Forester, but in classic Spyder fashion they come standard with a generic H7 style halogen projector that is in no way a real upgrade to your driving experience. We offer these headlights as well - but upgraded with top-quality LED low and high beams, extra customization options, and maximum plug-and-play compatibility.

Purchasing this build includes a new pair of black Spyder Apex halogen headlights, along with any add-ons you select. By default the white boomerang LED strip is your parking light, and the amber LEDs form a sequential turn signal.

Low and high beam has several options to choose from. If you select "no change" you can use whatever bulbs you have, either the included H7 halogen ones or different bulbs you source yourself. The Diode Dynamics SL2 option is a plug and play LED bulb that uses the original projector - great for a smaller budget that wants the white LED color. If it's real nighttime performance you're looking for, a complete LED projector swap such as the midrange FXH-1 or maximum-performance NHK M5 Plus will be the best way to go.

Specialty Halos: Please leave a note during checkout to specify which type of halo you would like in your build.

1 Pair (left and right) of new headlight assemblies
1 pair (left and right) of OEM wiring harness adapters
Please select adapters for whatever type of headlight your vehicle was originally equipped with from the factory to ensure correct installation and function.

Note: Illumination functions work correctly on the 17-18 models w/ OE LED headlights, but the adaptive steering feature is not compatible.

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