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2015-2017 WRX Limited/STI OEM LED Custom Headlights

2015-2017 WRX Limited/STI OEM LED Custom Headlights

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The WRX Limited and STI models feature specialized LED headlights straight from the factory, but their modern look still leaves a little to be desired. That's why a custom set of headlights designed specifically for you is such a perfect way to get a unique look while keeping all the factory LED and height adjustment features! Purchase includes a pair (left and right) of headlights if selected, as well as any add-ons you select.​

NEW FROM SUBARU > Brand new Limited assemblies direct from a Subaru warehouse. If you are installing these on your OEM Limited trim vehicle, you must select the pre-facelift or facelift type that matches your current factory headlights to guarantee compatibility.
PROVIDE YOUR OWN > If you are able to remove your original Limited headlights you can send them to us for customization. JDM headlights are not 100% compatible with USDM vehicles. Note: Should you choose to provide your own headlights, we do not take any responsibility for the condition they arrive in - we will modify and send them back as we receive them. It is your responsibility to securely package them for shipment.

The OEM dual-LED low beams perform fairly well and unfortunately can't be modified. However, if you are looking for improved high beam performance, select Dual LED projectors for a 2.5" LED projector mounted into the original high beam area for a powerful upgrade!

Specialty Halos: Please leave a note during checkout to specify which type of halo you would like in your build.

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