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2015-2022 Chevy Colorado Custom High Output Spec-D Headlights

2015-2022 Chevy Colorado Custom High Output Spec-D Headlights

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Purchase includes a pair of new Spec-D headlights (matte black w/ amber side reflector) modified with high performance low and high beam projectors, as well as all the necessary wiring and controllers for any options you add.

Low and high beam brightnesses are available in two configurations: "Sport", with our standard bi-LED projector and the Diode Dynamics SSC2 Sports, and "Pro", using the top-tier MLED 2.0 and the Pro version of the SSC2 pods.

​Selecting "White Only" or "Amber Only" for the LED bar style indicates the operational color of the illuminated LED bar along the bottom of the headlights. This bar illuminates with your parking/corner light circuit and stays on with low and high beam use. Selecting "Switchback" gives you white LEDs for parking lights, with the LED bar also flashing amber with your turn signal. Flow Series RGBW LEDs can be set to any color or animated pattern you wish, but will default to white while driving, and will also flash sequential amber for your turn signal. In any case, the original halogen turn signal bulb will remain in it's socket, and act as your only turn signal with white only or amber only LED bars, or flash along with the turn signals in the Switchback and Flow Series bars. Should you wish to remove this bulb, you will need hyperflash resistors (sold separately) to replace them in the circuit.

​Specialty Halos: Please leave a note during checkout to specify which type of halo you would like in your build.

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