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2017-2023 Impreza/2018-2023 Crosstrek Custom Limited Headlights

2017-2023 Impreza/2018-2023 Crosstrek Custom Limited Headlights

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Purchase includes a pair (left and right) of headlights if selected.​ These headlights are directly plug-and-play with Limited models only! If you have a Base/Premium/Sport trim you will need our Limited headlight adapters (sold separately) to install these on your vehicle.

NEW FROM SUBARU > Brand new Limited assemblies direct from a Subaru warehouse. If you are installing these on your OEM Limited trim vehicle, you must select the pre-facelift or facelift type that matches your current factory headlights to guarantee compatibility.
PROVIDE YOUR OWN > If you are able to remove your original USDM Limited headlights you can send them to us for customization. JDM headlights are not 100% compatible with USDM vehicles. Note: Should you choose to provide your own headlights, we do not take any responsibility for the condition they arrive in - we will modify and send them back as we receive them. It is your responsibility to securely package them for shipment.

The built-in Subaru LED projector was in the top of it's class when it was new, but if you want more performance and width select the MLED 2.0 upgrade (see comparison photo). This projector upgrade provides a much cleaner cutoff, better hotspot distribution, and a total output increase of over 30%, and is completely compatible with the SRH system!

Specialty Halos: Please leave a note during checkout to specify which type of halo you would like in your build.

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