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2017-2023 Impreza/2018-2023 Crosstrek DRL Relocation Harness

2017-2023 Impreza/2018-2023 Crosstrek DRL Relocation Harness

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Move the automatic DRL function on your Subaru from the high beams to the parking light circuit with our plug-and-play DRL harnesses. No cutting/splicing needed, just plug directly between your headlight and the body harness! Your high beam will still function normally when using your low and high beams at night.

Your original high beam bulb operates as both high beam, and as DRL, at partial power. The ECU of your Subaru uses PWM power to dim the bulb - our harness smooths this signal out to a steady 12V and sends it instead to the parking light circuit. If you have your original headlights, your outer parking light bulbs will illuminate as DRL - great opportunity to change your bulbs to switchback LED, for a white DRL and amber turn signal. If you have one of our retrofit packages, or a set of our Limited conversions, any white LEDs (such as eyebrows, C lights, or halos) that are currently activated by the parking light switch will now also operate as your DRL. In short, any accent lighting that originally ran on the front parking light circuit will now operate as your daytime running light as well, and remain on with the parking lights/low beams. Taillights/dash lights no longer trigger with DRL in V3.

We also now offer integrated turn signal resistors as an option for those wanting to run switchback LED bulbs in your headlights. Since there is no interior relay that can be swapped to prevent hyperflash, resistors are the only way to go for this generation. If you plan to use LED bulbs in the stock turn signal location, add a set of our prewired resistors for the simplest and most durable solution.

Purchase includes 1 pair of harnesses.
FOR MODELS W/ HALOGEN DRL ONLY! Not compatible with Limited. Not compatible with Impreza Sport w/ bumper LED DRL.

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