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2022+ WRX Flow Series RGBW Taillights

2022+ WRX Flow Series RGBW Taillights

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Got a new WRX and really want to turn heads at the next show? Alongside standard OEM parking light, brake, and reverse functions, as well as programmable sequential turn signals, these taillights feature fully color chasing RGB patterns for virtually limitless customization!

Left and right taillights with Flow Series RGBW LEDs integrated
Powered by BlueGhozt, the most flexible smartphone-controlled addressable remote on the market
Infinite show mode possibilities
Full OEM park/brake/turn/reverse light integration with OE-grade connectors
Built in resistors to prevent hyperflashing turn signals
Hand built in the USA from brand new taillight cores

Purchase includes a pair of specified taillights with black housings and clear lenses - if you choose to provide your own they must be clear/white/smoke, red lenses or diffusers will not show all the RGB colors correctly.

NOTE: Installation is an involved process, including wiring run from the battery or fuse box through the vehicle. If you are expecting a 100% plug-and-play install or are not comfortable taking apart the interior of your car, we highly recommend professional installation.

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